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Bammies House Band
I'm honored to have had the opportunity to perform with these great musicians, my fellow Bammie House Band players (past and present) - Brain w/ Primus, Ernst Carter w/ Bruce Springsteen, Tony Johnson w/Jr. Walker & the All Stars, Ross Valory w/Journey, Tim Gorman w/The Who, Kieth Crossan w/ Tommy Castro Band, Mark Karan w/ the Other Ones, and Eric McCann w/ Freaky Executives.

As well as other great players around town:
Glenn Walters, Pam Rose, Tim Wagar, Maurice Cridlin, Gene Reffkin, Tony Lufrano, Kathy Kennedy, John Mader, Steve Bowman, Steve Evans and "and and. . ."__<BACK _ <HOME>




Can't Kick The Habit

Jock's new album available from:
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